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A treasure trove of our life

As we go through life we collect “things”. Some things are better than others. We weed out as our tastes evolve. As our collection grows and hopefully produces a “treasure-trove” of our life.

With my love of classic architecture, I have always had a passion for big, old houses with lots of character. A beautiful staircase is something that speaks to me. Windows that are trimmed with beautiful moldings, coffered, high ceilings are also on my list. I grew up in well-decorated houses. My mother is a retired interior designer. Wallpaper and fabrics changed often. I thought that was normal! So, it didn’t take me long to figure out what direction my life was going in also.

As an interior designer, I feel my most important job is to get to know my client. I enjoy taking the best of their “collection” and add stylish, current and timeless pieces for their home to reflect their authentic self. The best compliment I can receive from a client is “it’s so me” at the end of the project.

I enjoy all aspects to achieve that with my tools of furniture, rugs, window treatments, accessories, etc. I’d love the opportunity to introduce myself to start on your next project.

– Margie Burgin

Testimonial from CM

I have nothing but glowing words for Margie Burgin!  Our time together working on my office space, our title company space and my personal home has been enjoyable and beneficial.  Margie has great taste combined with unique and creative ideas that make the space stand out. Her decorating is not like the standard “cookie cutter” style but is tasteful and creative – perfect if you don’t want to look just like everyone else!  She came to me with ideas in hand and also had all the samples ready for me to approve.  Her one stop shopping approach is great for busy people like me.

I highly recommend Margie Burgin!



Thank you so much for your beautiful idea's and suggestions in making my decorating projects please me so well.

Testimonial from P.S. #

Kind words from TBT

I met Margie back in 1996 when we were going to build our home.  Not ever having worked with a designer before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the moment I met Margie, I was put at complete ease.  I had my plans with me, and we looked at them, and she asked me lots of questions.  I could tell she was interested in my desires for our home so it would be a reflection of who we were rather than a reflection of a home we did not recognize but was beautiful.

When we met back up in a month, she had it laid out room by room with all the answers I had given her and she had hit the nail on the head.  Even though there were a few changes and still a lot to do, the concept had begun. I knew I had chosen the right designer for our home. Margie was very good working with me about things we were willing to spend extra on and items we weren’t. There were times when she knew best and would need to convince me to spend a little extra because she felt it was needed and she was always right.  But she always considered our opinions in each matter.  She worked diligently for many months as we wanted her to do everything in the home.

Now after 19 years, some changes have been made, and some rooms are still the same because I still love them as much as I did the day we moved in.  Margie also designed the home we built at the beach and like this home, she worked very hard from start to finish.  I could not have asked for a better communicator, someone who kept my best interests at the forefront,  and someone who could come in and get the job done.  I can honestly say, she is the absolute best at what she does, and I would never choose anyone else.  Now after almost 20 years, not only is she the designer of choice, she is someone I call a dear friend.


I am so pleased with the updated rooms. I could have never made the transition from our house to the condo without your help. J.B.

Testimonial from J.B. #