A treasure trove of our life

A treasure trove of our life

As we go through life we collect “things”. Some things are better than others. We weed out as our tastes evolve. As our collection grows and hopefully produces a “treasure-trove” of our life.

With my love of classic architecture, I have always had a passion for big, old houses with lots of character. A beautiful staircase is something that speaks to me. Windows that are trimmed with beautiful moldings, coffered, high ceilings are also on my list. I grew up in well-decorated houses. My mother is a retired interior designer. Wallpaper and fabrics changed often. I thought that was normal! So, it didn’t take me long to figure out what direction my life was going in also.

As an interior designer, I feel my most important job is to get to know my client. I enjoy taking the best of their “collection” and add stylish, current and timeless pieces for their home to reflect their authentic self. The best compliment I can receive from a client is “it’s so me” at the end of the project.

I enjoy all aspects to achieve that with my tools of furniture, rugs, window treatments, accessories, etc. I’d love the opportunity to introduce myself to start on your next project.

– Margie Burgin